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We 3x’d Our Users in 6 Weeks With These 18 Growth Hacking Apps!

In today’s overwhelmingly digital and connected world, almost everyone is competing for a place on the web. Just as David found a way to take down the mighty Goliath, startups and small businesses must find the right tools to grow their businesses and effectively compete against the digital marketing budgets of corporate giants.

One thing is clear, a slingshot and a few stones isn’t going to cut it in today’s digitized world, but with a strategic mind and these 18 growth hacking tools, we believe there’s no limit to how big you can grow!

In the last two months, we’ve used these tools to grow our social media channels from 2,700 fans to well over 9,000, and what’s more, we’ve had even greater success on our SaaS listing and comparison platform!

1. Crowdfire (Twitter & Instagram Growth Hacking)

One of the best tools to rapidly grow your followings on Twitter and Instagram, Crowdfire is a friend management app that makes it extremely quick and easy to follow, unfollow, see followers, see unfollowers, copy other accounts’ followers, and send automated direct messages to new followers. Crowdfire was undoubtedly a major contributor in helping us to double our Twitter followers from 4000 to 8000 in just under 6 weeks.

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