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Website Traffic into Paying Customers

The (Not-So-Secret) Secret to Turning Your 
Website Traffic into Paying Customers

We all do it … daydream about our website finally breaking through … getting the attention it deserves … and actually allowing us to earn a living on our terms.

Sometimes we see a glimmer of this dream coming true with a steady rise of subscribers, a flood of comments with each article, or a rush of traffic from a successful guest blog post.

When this happens we hold our breath and wonder: “Maybe this could happen to me. Maybe my ship is finally coming in and I could earn an honest living from my website.”

And I don’t care who you are. Writer. Podcaster. Business coach. Web designer. Real estate agent. Handbag designer. In one way or another, you are a content creator interested in online marketing … and dreaming of turning your hard work into cash.

But there’s just one problem.

People don’t naturally volunteer to hand you money. Especially online, where the prevailing paradigm is “Everything Is Free,” and people are smothered with information.

To convert traffic to customers you have to start with a compelling and trustworthy offer. But just throwing up a button on your home page won’t get the job done.

See, successful online content marketers have known for quite some time (this is the not-so-secret part) that it’s ridiculous to spend the blood, sweat, and tears creating an amazing product and then just drop it on their home page for promotion …


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