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The Backpacker’s Guide To Customer Journey Mapping

This is not the Definitive, Ultimate or Exhaustive guide to customer journey mapping. It’s the Backpacker’s Guide. Because today I want you to pack light and leave here with just the bare essentials for the adventure ahead.

Mapping the full customer experience is an exercise I’ve had to redo many times at Trakio. It’s a visual process that’s usually included as part of a customer analytics strategy. But it can quickly become overly complex and capable of stalling even the most seasoned customer experience explorer.

I’ve taken all of the research I did with UX experts on LinkedIn, and the stack of PDF guides and ebooks I read, and condensed it into the bare essentials as I see it.

Here’s my Backpackers Guide to customer journey mapping:

Only The Essentials

  1. Benefits of customer journey mapping
  2. What does a customer journey map look like
  3. Understanding what touch points are, and the different types
  4. Who needs to be involved
  5. Drawing your customer journey map
  6. How to use your map


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