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The 5-Minute Linkedin Growth Hack

The 5-Minute Linkedin Growth Hack

My company Fedora helps people start their own online school.

Like any other web product, we have a percentage of people that successfully sign up for an account and people that abandon our website.

We spend a lot of time trying to understand the second segment — what is different about the people that are NOT signing up for our product?

As it turns out, potential teachers with any kind of online marketing pedigree — even something as simple as a blog or an email list, would sign up instantaneously.

But educators less well-versed with these channels were hesitant:

“I would love to build a school on my own site — but doing my own marketing is too difficult. I wouldn’t even know where to start”

“But Ankur… I don’t have an e-mail list. How can I get my first 10 students?”

But see… this is where they are wrong. Everyone already has an e-mail list.

All they need is the know on how to access it.

Step 1: Enter LinkedIn.

My LinkedIn profile has been largely unmaintained since 2009. I log in every few weeks and indiscriminately accept all my requests.

The result? I now have 715 people that somewhat give a shit about me.

Here’s the clincher though – LinkedIn makes it easy to export your contacts. Like… stupidly easy.

Hit the Keep in Touch menu item under the Connections drop-down. Then, find the Settings icon in the top right to get to this page:


And just like that, I now have a CSV file of every single contacts e-mail address.

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