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4 Hacks to Supercharge Your Search & Social Marketing with an Email List

Email marketing is a great way for small businesses to reengage their customer base. It’s a fast, easy, inexpensive, and effective way to drive more sales. Reaching these customers is key to your marketing, but too many email blasts can force even the most loyal customers to click the unsubscribe …

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10 Mistakes Startup Companies Should Avoid in PPC Marketing

Lets face it. When launching a new Startup Company everyone involved is excited and eager to start building their empire. However, many times entrepreneurs get “overwhelmed” when reading blogs or attending marketing conferences which are pushing the latest and greatest in online tools and gadgets that will promise them instant …

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7 Ways to Personalize Your PPC Strategy

People are no longer shocked when they see an email with their name in the headline from a brand they may not recognize. Seeing ads that are relevant to your interests isn’t as creepy anymore, but almost expected. In fact, 74% percent of online consumers get frustrated with companies when …

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3 Cool New Keyword Tools for Generating Content Ideas

You know how they say you should shake up your work-out routine from time to time to “shock your body”? (Real talk: I never do this.) The same is true of your keyword research routine – changing up your tools is a great way to get new content ideas. The …

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