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High-Performing Facebook Ads: It’s a Numbers Game

Facebook Ads flat out WORK! Not for just a few people. Not just for highly skilled digital marketers or businesses in a few niches, but for everybody! GUEST POST: Here is a guest post from the awesome Terry Williamson from Boom Social. Here is the most recent example of how …

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11 reasons why your Facebook ad measurement is messed up

A recurring theme I hear among paid social pros is the measurement discrepancy between Facebook and Google Analytics. People seem to have a really hard time matching up what’s happening with campaigns on Facebook and subsequent engagement, as measured by their analytics platform of choice (including – but not limited to – Google …

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What are Facebook Dark Posts?

What are Facebook Dark Posts? All digital marketers have a few social media marketing tips up their sleeves, and lately, more of them are using Facebook Dark Posts to get the job done. Want to get in on the secret? Here is everything you need to know about Facebook Dark …

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5 Common Facebook Marketing Mistakes and How to Fix Them

Facebook is a powerful tool to market your business and brand. It has tremendous reach, an active user base and loads of tools for businesses to use. Likely you’re using Facebook for your business already if you’re a reader here.  The question is whether you’re using it well!  Many businesses …

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A Quick Guide to Visual Marketing on Facebook for 2016

To understand what Facebook visuals can do for your digital marketing, think back to summer 2014: the season of the Ice Bucket Challenge. The ALS Association launched a campaign to raise awareness of the disease by challenging people to pour buckets of ice water on their heads, post videos of it on …

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