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Super Easy 5-Step Twitter Growth Hack Strategy that Top Marketers Use

I had wasted hours of my time and effort before I realized something:

Not all Twitter followers are equal.

If you’re new to Twitter, it’s easy to get caught up in the numbers game and set random “growth” goals (e.g. increase X amount of followers by X days). Well, that’s what everyone else seems to be doing, right?

If you’re more in tune with Twitter, you might ask a different question: Why doesn’t anyone following my Twitter account — which has more than 6k followers — ever convert? Did I waste my time trying to grow followers?

The problem is that beginners in Social Media Marketing often get distracted from the real goal. Stop and ask yourself – what is your ultimate goal? The whole point of being on Twitter is to, yes, increase awareness and ultimately increase conversions. Is having a big follower base of irrelevant people going to help you? What if you have lots of relevant followers, but your Twitter account plateaued at 400 followers? BOTH scenarios are not going to do much for your business. To increase conversions, you need lots of traffic from qualified leads.

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