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SEO Checklist 2016: 41-Step On Page SEO Checklist

When optimizing your website to increase traffic, it helps to have an SEO checklist or plan to follow in order to get the most out of your time and effort. That’s why I’ve to put together this detailed SEO Checklist updated for 2016 with SEO best practices that help increase search engine rankings for targeted keywords.

It’s actually more of a blueprint which you’ll find helpful whether you’re starting a new website or optimizing an existing one.

It also doubles as an SEO audit checklist–it’ll show you how to benchmark your current results in order to monitor search engine ranking improvements moving forward.

t the end, I also share a list of the top guides, resources and SEO tools to make your job easier and help you improve your SEO knowledge.

Before I dive into the checklist, here are 3 SEO insights for 2016 that you HAVE to pay attention to:

  • Mobile is more important than ever, and mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches. Your website has to be not just mobile-friendly but fully mobile-responsive. Build your website for mobile first, desktop second. Yes, you read correctly.
  • Take advantage of video. Video is more engaging than simple text, and if you don’t incorporate video into your marketing strategy–whether B2B or B2C–you’ll fall behind. Ignore the power of video at your own peril.
  • Website content and social content will become one. With search engines giving social media more and more real estate on search engine ranking pages, it won’t be long before website content & social media content is one and the same. You’ll be able to have social media posts rank for keywords much like your website pages would. Indexability will be more of an even playing field across all platforms.

That said, let’s dive into the SEO checklist.


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