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Measuring the Performance of Your Newsletter

As small businesses plan for the types of email marketing campaigns they want to send out, it’s no surprise that newsletters often top the list. Here are a few reasons why: Newsletters are personable – offering the chance to connect directly with your customers on multiple topics. More in-depth information allows you …

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Build Customer Trust by Sending These 6 Emails

When sending emails to your current and potential customers, it’s important to remember that not every point of contact should be a push to sell your products or services. Building business relationships starts with building trust from the very first email. So, how do you build trust? By respecting your …

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Increasing Revenue Through Abandoned Cart Messaging and Incentives

Last week, we explored a few of the ways that email personalization and MailChimp’s social media integrations could help your business make more money. This week, we’ll focus on the revenue-boosting benefits of incentivizing your campaigns and sending cart abandonment messages to your customers. Send cart abandonment messages Online shopping carts are abandoned for a …

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