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Influencer Marketing 101 – How to Become a High Paid Influencer (Part 4)

Start With The End In Mind…a Notable Success Story

Michelle Phan started her successful influencer journey by showcasing what she knows best. Back in 2007, she started a series of YouTube videos featuring simple makeup tutorials and celebrity looks demonstrations.

Today, she brags 8+ million YouTube subscribers, 3+ million Facebook fans, 2+ million followers on Instagram and the list goes on…

Michelle became a self-made makeup authority overtime. As a result, big names such as L’Oreal co-branded a cosmetic line with her.


Contrary to Lady Gaga’s timeless hit, I’m sure that Michelle Phan wasn’t “born this way!

Still, her stellar success reminded me of Gary Vaynerchuk’s awesome book: Crush It!: Why NOW Is the Time to Cash In on Your Passion

Needless to say, Michelle is not alone. You can easily spot top rated Influencers who are bloggers, YouTubers and social media stars.

Do you think I would sound like a boring motivational speaker if I said: “If they can do it, you can do it?” Probably!

If that’s the case, I will get out of your way and throw the ball into your courtyard: Do you agree that the road to influencer marketing success is paved for those who are willing to go for it?

Why Now Is The Time To Cash In Your Influencer Marketing Passion?
Let The Stats Do The Work…


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