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How to Use Instagram Stories: A Simple Guide for Marketers

On Tuesday, Instagram introduced Instagram Stories, a new feature with remarkable similarities to Snapchat.

Stories provides Instagram users with a place to share posts at a higher frequency. While Instagram photos are typically reserved for perfectly composed shots, Stories allows you to share the little moments that may not be as picture-perfect.

Instagram is positioning this feature as a solution to overposting. Stories live in a separate space, and you can post as frequently as you want without worrying about over saturating your friends’ feeds or filling the grid on your profile page. New Call-to-action

So how do you build a Story? And what does this mean for your strategy? Don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.

How to Build a Story on Instagram

Ready to get started? We’ll walk you through the basic steps for building your first Instagram Story, and fill you in on some cool features along the way.

1) Tap the plus sign in the upper left corner of your screen to get started.


Image Credit: Instagram

2) Take your photo by tapping the round button, or take a video by pressing down for up to 10 seconds.

The thunderbolt icon turns on the flash, and the two arrows allow you to switch between the front and forward facing cameras.


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