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How to REALLY Run a Twitter Lead Generation Campaign

here are amazing reasons to use Twitter ads. Twitter can generate qualified leads at a lower cost than most of the other major ad platforms. It’s true! But not if you follow Twitter’s instructions. Why? Because Twitter’s advice for creating lead generation cards is completely wrong.

In this post, you’ll discover my unusual six-step strategy for using Twitter lead generation cards for ludicrously successful lead gen.

Step 1: Set Up Conversion Tracking. Just Do It!

This is kind of buried in the user interface, but it’s actually the most important thing you need to do. Without conversion tracking set up you’re blind.

All the major platforms, except for Twitter, have a “universal tag” – where you put in one tag on your site so you can figure out the conversions just by typing in the URL.

But on Twitter you have to create different JavaScript tags for each thank you page. Each one gets a name and you can categorize the type (download, purchase, sign-up) so that you can report on it later.

twitter lead generation conversions

I’m blown away how many people forget this critical step. Basically you need to define a different conversion pixel for every goal completion on your site so that you can track whether everything is working.

Step 2: Choose Your Twitter Ads Campaign Type Wisely

There are six pay-per-performance campaign types, depending on your marketing objective. You specify the most you’re willing to pay for each type of campaign.

creating twitter ads for lead gen

Why not just specify $0.01 as your cost per action? Well, basically if you set the bids too low, you’ll get no impressions. It’s an auction. Chances are other Twitter advertisers are willing to pay more than a penny.

The more you’re willing to pay, the more likely your ads will be shown. You have to figure out what it’s worth to you; Twitter will figure out how much quantity you’ll get for that amount.

As for the campaign types, even though tweet engagements are the most popular type of ad campaign, they offer the absolute worst ROI. Avoid like the plague!

Why? Twitter charges per “engagement.” This includes engagements such as a person viewing your profile page, expanding your image, expanding the tweet from the tweet stream, or clicking on a hashtag. Twitter will love taking your money, but these campaigns won’t help you achieve any of your marketing objectives as you waste your budget.

What you should really be interested in paying for is website clicks, app installs, followers, leads, or actual video views.



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