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How To Learn App Store Optimization in 7 Steps

Getting a potential client to commit to having you help them with their mobile strategy is usually a difficult task. If you have been reading this blog for awhile, you probably know that finding out if your client’s existing website visitors are already on mobile is the first step.

If a significant portion of their visitors are using a mobile device, then the next step is to set them up with a mobile-friendly website. This means installing a responsive website theme or using an independent mobile website solution.

But that just gets them to first base.

From there, you can help them implement a variety of different mobile marketing strategies, such as SEO, email, SMS and a mobile app.

However, each of those paths usually requires an other round of convincing and sign offs. Many times the issue isn’t really about the value of the strategy, but shifting the mindset of your client.

If one or more of these strategies are a good fit for your clients, then it is totally worth it. But wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to go through such a long and drawn out process to get a client?

In this post, I’m going to teach you a highly leveraged strategy that you can use to provide real value to a client, without having to create such a significant shift in mindset. The best part is that you can learn this marketing strategy in a few short days and start soliciting clients immediately thereafter.

The strategy that I’m talking about is App Store Optimization (ASO). Not many SMBs know much about ASO yet, so it is a great opportunity to establish yourself as an expert.

Your Ideal Client

The client you are targeting will already have the first few steps described above taken care of. They understand that their customers use mobile, they have a mobile-friendly website and most importantly…they already have a mobile app.

When a company spends the time and money to build a mobile app, there is usually a lot on the line. Not only has the company shelled out money to build the app, but whoever led the project certainly wants to see the app succeed.

With so much at stake, there is already motivation to find a solution. You aren’t convincing a company to try something totally new. They already know that mobile is the right direction to go in, but they just need some help steering the ship.

If you can convince the project manager that you can help him/her, then they can be your biggest advocate within the company.

Your ideal client is a company who has created a great app, but is getting very few downloads. It is important that the potential client has a quality app because no amount of marketing is going to help a bad app.

But before you start engaging potential clients, you will have to understand why ASO is important and how it works.


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