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Grow Your Twitter Follower Numbers With These 40 Proven Tips

How do I get more followers on Twitter? It could be for your own profile or a company profile that you manage. This is a question that comes around regularly, especially since we spend a lot of our time helping clients drive more engagement on Twitter.

In this post we’ll me looking at all the techniques you can personally implement to drive more organic growth of Twitter followers (outside normal Gleam promotions). There’s a lot here, so buckle up!

Ask Your Users to Follow You

I know this may seem trivial but it is often the best way to kick start your Twitter account. Simply ask users on existing channels to follow you on Twitter.

Good places to cross promote accounts:

  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Your Newsletter

Here’s a good example of cross promotion at the end of a YouTube video:

Social Cross Promotion on YouTube

Including Follow Buttons On Your Website

Users to your site will often look for ways to follow you on social networks, so make sure you include your buttons in a prominent place.

Twitter Footer Follow Buttons

You’ll often see websites either include these buttons in the header or footer. Being above the fold naturally gets more exposure but it pays to experiment.

Social Follow Buttons in Header

Add Twitter Profiles To Email Signatures

If you send a lot of emails then you can easily get your personal or business Twitter account in front of people by adding it to your signature.

Twitter Profile in Email Signature

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