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3 Meaningful Twitter Analytics Reports That Unlock the Most Value

Twitter Analytics provides detailed performance stats that are not accessible by 3rd party social media analytics tools. These stats contain a wealth of information and are available to anyone who has created a Twitter account. However, the key is to understand how to unlock this meaningful data to get the most value. Generally …

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Influencer Marketing 101 – How to Become a High Paid Influencer (Part 4)

Start With The End In Mind…a Notable Success Story Michelle Phan started her successful influencer journey by showcasing what she knows best. Back in 2007, she started a series of YouTube videos featuring simple makeup tutorials and celebrity looks demonstrations. Today, she brags 8+ million YouTube subscribers, 3+ million Facebook …

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Why You Need Local Focused Landing Pages And How To Create Them

Businesses with a brick-n-mortar location, or those that serve a specific area, need to capitalize on local search. With consumers searching increasingly from mobile devices, it is even more important. The fact is that local search results show based on the location of the consumer searching. Creating a local landing …

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