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SEO Meta Tags Best Practices

What Are Meta Tags?  Meta tags are a great way for Webmasters to provide search engines with information about their sites. (They) can be used to provide information to all sorts of clients, and each system processes only the meta tags they understand and ignores the rest. (They) are added to …

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On-Page Factors to Boost SEO

On-Page Factors On-Page factors are the aspects of a given web page that influence search engine ranking. What are On-Page Factors? There are several on-page factors that affect search engine rankings. These include: Content of Page The content of a page is what makes it worthy of a search result …

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2016 SEO Best Practices and Tips

2015 was another turbulent year for SEO. As expected, Google made several algorithm changes including the notorious “Mobilegeddon” update, which basically improved the ranking for websites that were mobile-friendly. This falls in line with Google’s overarching mission to adapt to an increasingly mobile Web (and world). Google’s goal is stay ahead of the technology …

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4 Local SEO Tips For 2016

If you run a company that depends on local customers, then local SEO is vital for your business. Local SEO is a subset of search engine optimization that helps people in your area find you on the search engines. And let’s be honest. When we say “the search engines”, we …

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4 Tips To Help You Master SEO Content Writing

When it comes to SEO we’ve all heard that “content is king” and the better yours is the more likely you are to rank higher. While this might be great for companies with dedicated staff writers, many people end up […] Post from: Search Engine People SEO Blog 4 Tips …

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