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9 Awesome Twitter Hacks that You’re TOTALLY Not Using (But Should!)

288 million users every month…9 Awesome Twitter Hacks that You're TOTALLY Not Using 250x250

500 million tweets every day…

Twitter is rockin’ the social landscape!

But are YOU rockin’ Twitter?… not really?

Don’t beat yourself up. Twitter is massively under-utilized — and under-understood (is that a word?).

For example, did you know you can upload videos, access analytics AND perform Twitter profile searches??

Yep, there’s SO MUCH you can do to leverage the power of Twitter for your business.

So where do you begin?

Right here! Below are 9 Twitter tricks that you’ve probably never heard of. Start using them asap!


1. Upload videos for more engagement!

Many people don’t know about this feature yet, but you can actually tweet videos on Twitter.

This lets you personalize your tweets in a big way. How? By freeing you from the 140 character limit! 😉

Bye bye 140 characters limit!

When you use the new mobile app, you can send up to 30 seconds of audio-visual pizzazz out to the world — which is WHOLE LOT of characters! Imagine all the things you can share on your video. What I really like is how Gary Vaynerchuk uses it to respond to people.

How you do it:

Get the videos on Twitter app for your smartphone and you can be tweeting videos from the field OR use your Vine account to tweet 6-second Vine videos.

Another option is to link videos hosted on YouTube or Vimeo. Check the Twitter video and photo guide.

Why you should care:

Tweets visually enhanced get more attention. Play your cards right, and you can convert attention into interest, interest into leads and leads into SALES!


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