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7 Twitter Analytics Metrics You Should Check Right Now

Analytics. The word even sounds scary. Something about that ‘y’ in the middle.

When you’re learning a new skill or adapting to new techniques and technologies, the last thing you want to focus on are numbers. Reports, charts and graphs can be intimidating, even to the hardened vet—a title that very few people can claim when it comes to social media.

We’re here to show you that analytics aren’t all that scary. In fact, social networks have made a point of ensuring that analytics are simple and digestible for everyone, whether it’s your first day on the job or you’re the CEO.

Twitter analytics are a prime example. Whether you Tweet once a day or 50 times a day, the social network gathers information around your messaging and your audience. It also takes on the hard part—all those difficult calculations— and presents these insights in a comprehensive but understandable way. What you’re left with is a series of numbers that should quickly show you whether you’re succeeding or failing at marketing on Twitter, and how you might improve.

To further soften the analytics blow, we’ve broken down seven different Twitter analytics insights that could drastically improve your Tweets in a very short period of time.

How to access Twitter Analytics

First things first: how does one actually find Twitter Analytics? Analytics have been available to all users since August of 2014 (before that, access was a little more restricted to the big players and savvy users). You can access Twitter Analytics by either clicking on your own face in the top right corner of the Twitter page and choosing Analytics from the drop-down menu, or by simply visiting https://analytics.twitter.com/. Only after your first visit to the analytics page will Twitter start pulling your Tweet data.

How to access twitter analytics using Evan LePage profile

When you click the analytics tab, you’ll be taken to a homepage that has seven more tabs at the top. Again, don’t be put-off. Most of the information you’ll need will be found in the first three tabs: Home, Tweets and Audiences. The other tabs can be used as you become more comfortable or launch sophisticated Twitter campaigns of your own.

Impressions over time

‘Impressions’ is one of those stats that isn’t very telling by itself, but helps add context to other metrics. If you earned 250 retweets in only 50 Tweets, that’s great. But what if those same Tweets earned 500,000 impressions?


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