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50+ Creative Marketing Ideas To Help Your Brand Stand Out

Creative Marketing Ideas For Your Blog

1. Vlog your days throughout the week. Make sure you highlight interesting things about your work and business.

Things to keep in mind while vlogging:

  • Before you start, create a script so you know what to say and when to move on to the next steps. It’ll help you stay on track.
  • Put googly sticky eyes on either side of your camera. This will remind you to have eye contact with your camera (audience).
  • Speak slower than you think you are. Remember to breathe.
  • Get more than one take.

2. Blog about your best-selling product of the month or from the past few months. Include a link to people so they know where they can buy it.

3. Make each visit to your blog a personalized experience for your audience.

Coca-Cola is a great company that does a really good job marketing to their customers. Totally love this example from their Share A Coke campaign:


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