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5 Ways to Use Twitter to Connect With Local Customers

Does your business rely on local customers? Are you looking for ways to make your business more visible in your neighborhood?

You know that the Internet puts your business within a few keystrokes of people anywhere around the world. But did you know that social media tools, especially Twitter, help you pinpoint people who live and work in your neighborhood?

Twitter allows you to locate people who live or tweet in your city or neighborhood, people you know, as well as people you don’t yet know. This makes Twitter the ideal tool for infiltrating your neighborhood.

How to Search for Local People

Most Twitter users occasionally tweet about the things around them. This means that you can find local people by searching tweets for things in or near your business location.

For example, you can search for:

  • City name
  • Neighborhood or community name
  • Local landmarks
  • Local businesses
  • Event venues, museums and public locations
  • Local fairs, parades and community events
  • Hashtag identifiers for a local community or event


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