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5 Ways To Rock At Snapchat Marketing

You’re acutely aware that every social media campaign that ticks by without decent numbers in engagement is another campaign of less impact. Fortunately, entrepreneurs and brands today can take their content experimentation beyond Facebook and Twitter when attempting to climb the engagement ladder.

While major brands are shifting their allegiance to Instagram according to a report, some are giving a thought to Snapchat – a social network that hasn’t been explored to a great extent.

Why Snapchat deserves your attention?

The platform offers a glimpse into the future of mobile marketing. Users can send texts or ‘snaps’ that arrive into the recipient’s inbox with a time limit. The sender decides how long the receiver has to view the content of the message (the range is between 1 to 10 seconds), after which the message self-destructs. This helps brands promote a sense of urgency (a cornerstone of sales) while providing consumers an air of exclusivity.

The urgency, experience, and channel of delivery makes Snapchat real fun to use. Below are some stats that indicate Snapchat’s popularity among consumers and brands:

  • Snapchat receives 4 billion video content views per day. That’s the same as Facebook. (source)
  • 65 percent of Snapchat users contribute content on a daily basis, which results in a massive quantity of user-generated content. (source)
  • Snapchat is the most popular social media platform for teens after Facebook and Instagram. (source)

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