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5 Relatively Simple Steps to Dominate Local Search

If you do business mostly in your town, your marketing efforts must be hyper focused. You’re only targeting a very select group of people so, when those people go out there looking for a business in their community, you want to show up, right? But, not just show up – dominate – be seen as the obvious choice in the sea of wanna-be competitors!

The world of buying continues to evolve and that is certainly as true for local purchases as it is for global purchases. Would be buyers turn to search engines on laptops and mobile devices before they look anywhere else. They not only expect to find businesses that can meet their needs, they also expect to find educational content, reviews and other signals that help them make quick decisions about what to buy and who to buy it from.

No category of business is immune – B2B, B2C, large ticket services and low dollar commodities are sourced this way today.

If you want to stand out and dominate for your category of business there are a handful of fundamentally local practices that you must embrace and invest time and energy in mastering.

Create local content

You knew I was going to tell you to create more content didn’t you. Sorry, I know this is hard, but this is how the game is played today.

Creating content, however, does not mean writing more about your products and services. If you want to use content as a tool to drive local traffic then you have to make your content both useful and local.

Yes you need to add local maps, local directions, address data using Schema format, but none of that will matter in terms of engagement if you’re not writing about things that local people want to know about. For example, if you’re a plumber you need to write about fixing leaky faucets, not about your awesome 12-point inspection system.

In addition, you’ve got to think about ways to embrace the community beyond what you sell – Talk about neighborhood block parties, cover local charities and get behind the local sports teams.  Some might argue how useful this kind of content seems, but remember relevance is, well, relevant.

Getting involved in the community where your customers live and work has always made sense from a business standpoint and it makes sense from a content and local search standpoint as well.

Get serious about reviews

I did a quick search for a florist in my town. Take a look at the image below and tell me which florist stands out.


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