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5 Killer Automated Social Bookmarking Tools To Build Your Brand

It’s important as a marketer to start leveraging various social bookmarking tools is definitely a must in order to start growing a thriving business online.  The search engines nowadays are looking for your social presence from your brand that are relevant to your posts in your niche!

As of last year in 2014, your first page ranking on the search engines like on Google really depends on how many social shares and bookmarks you are getting on a regular basis to your blog or website.

On page SEO is crucial but utilizing various social bookmarking tools on the web that gives it a big push from the search results. There are thousands of social bookmarking sites that are available under the sun.

It can be impossible for me to start submitting every single blog post to all of these sites can be time consuming. However, these automated social bookmarking tools can work in your behalf.

This is very easy to start setting up any of these bookmarking websites. It can be a great challenge to start keeping up with your online presence utilizing these social bookmarking tools today! They can be very effective that you must depend on automation.

There are a ton of automation tools you could buy on the web that usually range from $19 to $150. In addition, there are many others that are providing month subscriptions fees when it isn’t necessary to start maintaining your accounts.

Seriously, can you really afford to pay to start using this type of service on automation?

There are many free automatic social bookmarking tools that are legit that works like clock work. Here is a list from both free and paid social bookmarking software’s will give you the ability to automate all the work for you.

Free Automated Social bookmarking Tools:

Before you begin using any of these software’s, I recommend for you not to start using the exact same usernames from all of these sites and start keeping a variation when you submit a URL from your blog or website. Standing out from your own links, In addition is to start submitting links (high-quality) from other websites so your profile looks legit!

Any type of tools on automation can always look spammy. If you do it more effectively, you absolutely can start getting good results from it. Now, let’s checkout these social bookmarking tools that is listed with their features.


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