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49 Blogging Tips – A Blogger’s Checklist For 2016

The beginning of every year is a time for reflection over your life, family, friends, career, and finances. It is also the best time to evaluate the past year’s performance and create a new list of goals. As a professional blogger or general internet entrepreneur, it is critical that you identify your strengths and weaknesses so that you may patch any gaps in your blog strategy.

Blogging Tips For 2016

To help you holistically review your online business, we’ve created this blogger’s checklist. Whether you need tips on starting a blog or are a seasoned blogger in need of a refresher on the fundamentals, this list of design, content, and SEO blogging tips is sure to improve your domain authority, user experience and monetization in 2016.

Basic Tips For All Bloggers

1. Take note of the goals you met, and decide whether they still have a place in your 2016 plans for your blog. For example, regular content development is obviously an ongoing need.

2. Look at the goals you didn’t meet. Analyze why you didn’t meet them, and make actionable plans on how to meet them in the coming year.

3. Identify your focus. Are you staying in your niche or do you want to branch out to related topics? Will the new subject matter conflict with or complement your blog’s current content and readership?

4. Set measureable goals: traffic targets, new reader acquisition, page views per visitor, search engine rankings for specific keywords, email subscribers – among others.

5. Is your keyword research comprehensive? Are your target keywords too competitive or low volume? Are you investing your time answering questions and developing content on topics that will get your blog found? Are there easier terms to target while your blog’s authority grows?


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