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39 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics Part 4/5 – Referral Hacks

Without viral growth, it’s unlikely you’ll ever find a sustainable business model. Paying for every customer with a full marketing dollar just isn’t realistic. You need to build shareability into the very fabric of business model – unless you plan on promising your first-born to Google Adwords.

Shareability means different things for different products. But whether you’re trying to improve your Referral metric for a iOS game of a B2B SaaS app, a simple rule applies: people won’t share a crap product.

You need to sort product/market fit first. Make sure your landing pages can successfully acquire signups at a good conversion rate. Make sure you have an acceptable activation rate that doesn’t mean you’re wasting signups.

Once you’ve fixed the funnel this far, then it’s time to start weaving shareability into your product and focussing on it as a metric. Here’s a few quick tactics to try.


27. Invite collaborators (colleagues and clients) to the app

Sounds obvious. Just a standard feature of SaaS apps, right? Having multiple users per account? But have you set it up so that those users can setup other accounts?

Look at this. You have an invoicing application. You naturally want your bookkeeper to have access, so that she can download the invoices. You send an email invite, she joins up. Wonderful. But, what about the other clients the bookkeeper works for? Maybe they might like this invoicing application too?

Make it easy. When collaborators are invited, make sure their login isn’t “locked” to just that one account. Allow them to setup other accounts on their own. Why not try looking at the domain of their email address, and if it’s a different company, try a prompt or drip message asking if they’d like to setup their own account. A promo code to use for other clients they might have.

In a B2B app, the only way you might be able to credibly build virality into the product is through collaborator invites, and hoping that occasionally those collaborators have interests outside of that one company. So make the most of them.

28. Encourage Social Shares With In-Product Rewards


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