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39 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics Part 2/5 – Activation Hacks

It’s a wonderful assumption that every user who completes your signup form, or installs your app, is going to fully explore your product. “Why would anyone create an account, and then not create their first campaign?”

Getting users to activate is a critical stage. There’s a bit of ambiguity about exactly which stage ‘Activation’ refers to. Some growth hackers would consider this ‘completing a signup form’ however at trak.io we consider that part of acquisition. To me, Activation means getting users to a stage in the product where you can be confident that they’ve experienced the value in the product.

Here’s the next part of our Growth Hacking Tactics guide, with lots of actionable hacks to try.

Activation Hacks

11. Add an on-boarding email drip sequence

Using behaviour emailing platforms, you can use event data stored in platforms like trak.io to sent targeted emails directly aimed at moving the user towards a specific goal. Add your first project, invite your first colleague, publish your first video.

Whatever is relevant for you, be sure to deliver emails that have 1 specific goal each time, and have a system in place that automatically measures and adapts for user actions. Don’t just send an email 7 days after signup – check the user has actually logged in yet, check they’ve actually viewed your developer documentation. Personalise your on-boarding sequence and have smart rules in place so that it will scale as you do.


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