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39 Actionable Growth Hacking Tactics Part 1/5 – Acquisition Hacks

This was going to be all 39 hacks in a single post, but it kept growing because I didn’t want to just list each technique, I wanted to actually explain how and why in a bit more detail. Part 1 focusses on Acquisition hacks, the other 4 parts will appear live over the next few days.

Part 1 Acquisition hacksPart 2 Activation hacksPart 3 Retention hacksPart 4 Referral hacks, Part 5 revenue hacks.

An ideal growth hacking tactic in any startup is scaleable, sustainable and automated. However, I’m not saying you should ignore a possible tactic just because it doesn’t fit perfectly into all 3 of these criteria.

Spotted a window of opportunity that will only last a few months? Exploit it, and have some new ideas lined up ready for when the opportunity expires. Lots of growth hacking tactics are short-lived opportunities, but eventually they become saturated (all of your competitors copy you) or the loophole you’re exploiting gets closed up. Thats cool. That’s why you’re paid the big bucks, to constantly be thinking of new ideas.

Growth hackers need to be creative, able to attack problems in new ways and constantly be pushing the product team to try new ideas for growth.

Here are a ton of tried and tested growth hacking tactics to give you inspiration, categorised by the relevant stage in the AARRR lean marketing funnel that they support.

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