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3 Meaningful Twitter Analytics Reports That Unlock the Most Value

Twitter Analytics provides detailed performance stats that are not accessible by 3rd party social media analytics tools. These stats contain a wealth of information and are available to anyone who has created a Twitter account. However, the key is to understand how to unlock this meaningful data to get the most value.

Generally speaking, Twitter stats are a view of ‘what happened.’ Just like most tools, the results are only as good as your strategy and the work you put in. We’ll provide a few tips on improving your Twitter social media marketing strategy based on your Tweet stats.

What’s your Social Media Marketing Strategy for Twitter?

Why did you set up shop on Twitter? What did you hope to achieve?

Some of the main reasons you may be using Twitter include:

  • Sharing information and content
  • Driving engagement for promotional activities
  • Interacting with prospects and customers
  • Networking
  • Branding
  • Reputation management

Lee Oden from Top Rank Marketing Blog challenges you to answer the question:

Where does Twitter fit into your marketing strategy?

Understanding where Twitter fits within the overall mix of online marketing and communications will help with: allocating, monitoring and engagement of resources, establishing a working social media policy, workflow management and reporting.


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