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25 Growth Hacks Using Gleam.io

One of the most common questions I get asked by prospective customers is how they can dive into our tool to start driving growth and how are other customers using the tool?

I’ve seen many creative ways that our customers have used Gleam to run engaging campaigns, so I’ve put together a list of 25 growth techniques that you can try using our app. Most take less than 15 minutes to setup and you can easily put your own spin on many of them.


Run Competitions

Our core product that is used by over 1500 brands around the globe is Competitions. It allows you to build modular competitions using different kinds of Actions, which users can complete in return for a chance to win a prize.

The fact that everything is modular gives marketers a chance to not conform to a specific way of engaging users. Even if you limit yourself to say 5 actions in a campaign, there’s still over 1.5 Million possible combinations you can setup. With that in mind, marketers often use our product to compliment the desired outcome for a specific campaign.

1. The Distribution Hack

This first growth hack is probably one of my favourites. It works extremely well for new businesses that have no foothold in the marketplace already, and works even better for established businesses (that have solid connections and partnerships).

First, you must have a product that you can giveaway. This works best if you can:

  • Giveaway your own awesome product or service
  • Partner with other vendors to giveaway your product + their products combined

Gleam is an embeddable widget, you can run it anywhere. This means you don’t necessarily have to run your campaigns on your own site.

It’s a similar concept to guest posting on blogs. When you have no audience, quite often it can make sense to partner with popular blogs to get your awesome content out to their readers – which in turn helps grow your own personal audience.

Lets take this example where a customer, Loot Crate partnered with Razer for the first day of their 12 Days Of Loot Christmas campaign:

This partnership enabled them to reach 500% more users than they would through their own traditional channels. Which in turn gave them a much bigger audience to participate in the remaining 11 Days Of Loot (which were all partnered with a different companies), the guys over at Loot Crate really pushed our platform to the limits over the holidays with over 3M actions from 12 campaigns. Kudos to them.


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