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21 Twitter Tips: Twitter for Business

When it comes to Twitter, most people find it hard to really maximise all of the tools available to benefit their business. To help you really understand how Twitter can work for your business, here are 21 tips to help you build your best practice around Twitter.

1. Have a Purpose

When it comes to starting a Twitter account, you need to have a goal in mind. Your purpose could be to increase sales, to find more customers or even both. Once you have this in mind you know where you what you want to achieve.

2. Focus on Your Passion

If you have a business, it will be in a sector you are passionate about so you will need to communicate this to your audience.

3. Defining Your Brand

It may be as simple as taking a pen and paper and defining your brand with those around you. This is a crucial part for your online marketing strategy and without a defined business, you will not achieve your purpose.

4. Learn the Basics

It may sound silly but you really do need to know the basic best practices when it comes to Twitter. How to follow, how to Tweet and How to RT are three very basic but very important actions to take inside of Twitter

5. Profile Image & Header

For you to really sell your brand on Twitter, you need to have an engaging profile image and header. These should be two different images. Your profile picture should be a logo and the other should be a lifestyle image.

6. Find Your Keywords

If you have defined your business, you will know what keywords to use when writing your Twitter biography and sharing information. If you need to do this research but don’t know where to start, use Google Adwords.

7. Do Your Hashtag Research

A twitter feature you will need to learn how to use is the hashtag. The use of the “#” symbol before a keyword creates a hashtag which can then be searched and monitored. Use this to your advantage and monitor your keyword hashtags to find potential customers.


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