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15 Instagram Marketing Tips to Spread Your Ecommerce Brand Like Wildfire

Don’t you just hate how much big brands suck up all the page one results on Google?

Seriously — like ALL of them.

These guys are hard to outrank, if not impossible.

If you want to get your brand front of people quickly but don’t want to rely solely on SEO, then your next best move is to focus on Social Media.

Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat, Google+ — they’re all social media. But the way people interact on them in regards to brands and e-commerce couldn’t be more different.

And, let’s face it — Amazon pretty much engulfs the search results when people do an item search.

And even if you have a unique product to sell, if no one knows about it, they won’t be searching for it.

Therein lies the power of social media:

It gives you the ability to go to where your potential clients are, grab their attention and then make them aware of your store or product.

It also gives you leverage to compete against faceless e-commerce giants.

Yes, social media matters and it should be part of your ecommerce business plan.

And if you’re trying to grow your online store’s brand and gain new customers, then it should be an essential part of your marketing strategy.

As mentioned before, though, no two social media platforms are exactly alike.

So where should you focus your attention?

Your best bet is likely one you don’t know very much about:

Instagram, baby!


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